Dispossessed saw a continued exploration of improvisation as a means of finding content. In this production, musicians were fully integrated into the rehearsal process, musical improvisation feeding the actors improvisation as well as Mike Gosling and Tim Moon writing songs. The production became a shared journey for actors and musicians.

The discipline of generic costumes bare feet and one universal prop (a bent wood chair for each actor) was maintained.

The actors recreate four stories, each a form of dispossession by violence, by religion, or by economic and environmental change. Each story explored the process and issues created when a culture has its way of life taken from it by an outside force.

With the addition of five musicians to the core company of five actors this was a more unwieldy production and so had a limited touring life.

Toured: 1989

Tour Locations

Theatre in The Mill, Bradford

Dewsbury college Theatre, Dewsbury

Loco Theatre, Nottingham

The Harwich Arts Workshop, Dovercourt

St Andrews Art Centre, St Andrews

Funding Sources

Bradford community Arts, Theatre in the Mill,  Bradford University


Graham Crocket, Julia Sanders, Philip Knight, Tina Taylor, William Ward, Mike Gosling (Musician), Tim Moon (Musician), Dave Pitt (Musician), Philip Knight (Director)

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