The Happiness Machine – Harwich

Do you want to be part of creating a performance in one Day?

The Harwich Festival presents

The Happiness Machine

Sunday 23rd June 10am-6pm
The Harwich Arts and Heritage Centre

Full day workshop
Price: £20
Venue: Harwich Arts & Heritage centre, Main Road, Dovercourt  Harwich ,CO12 4AJ

An interactive collaboration between ourselves, happiness and an empty space.

A workshop for anyone interested in exploring their potential for creative expression.

Using techniques developed over 40 years of creating improvised theatre, Third Theatre’s Artistic Director, Philip Knight leads the group in exploring their potential to express themselves without words. To explore the feeling of Happiness and communicate it to others through a universal language, the language of movement, energy and imagery. Learn more about the Happiness Machine.


Although the workshop is suitable for experienced performers wishing to develop their physical improvisation skills. It is also designed for anyone wanting to explore their ability to express themselves. Artists, Writers, Musicians,and Explorers

All are welcome, (age18+) there is no need for previous performance experience, only a willingness to engage with the process as fully as possible. The workshop is movement based but no dance experience is needed or expected You will only be expected to do what you are physically capable of, although you might find you are capable of more than you thought.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email third theatre using the contact form.


For Booking visit

Spaces are limited so early booking is advisable.

Drama Retreat on the stunning Pembrokeshire coast.

Reboot mind and body in Beautiful surroundings, Find your inner creative self through Drama.

Mon 15th July to Sat 20th July

Would you like to explore your creativity through drama? During the five days you will discover stories, find ways to tell them and help others to tell theirs. You’ll share your experiences and memories, explore how you feel about them and find exciting, dramatic forms of expression. As your imagination is set loose and you develop ideas, you’ll find common ground and understanding.

A variety of exercises and techniques will be used to release your ideas and creative potential, including drama exercises, devising, movement, poetry writing techniques, yoga breathing, meditation and deep relaxation.

Previous drama experience is not necessary.

Lime House and Cottage
SA70 7SR

More info and booking here

Man of Straw – The story of the 1381 Peasants Revolt

This was the first Third Theatre production and charts the rise and fall of the English Peasant’s Revolt of 1381. The project was instigated by Artistic Director, Philip Knight, and musician, Michael Gosling, to develop a company that trained physically and vocally to create devised productions. Continue reading “Man of Straw – The story of the 1381 Peasants Revolt”

Toured: 1988/1989

Tour Locations

Theatre in the Mill, Bradford

Bonner Hall, Dundee

MacRoberts Art centre, Stirling

The wool Exchange, Bradford (Festival)

The Powerhouse, Nottingham

The Harwich Arts Workshop, Harwich

Holgate Theatre, Neatherfield

The Drama Barn, York University

Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster University

The Community Arts Centre, Bradford

Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh

St Andrews Art Centre, St Andrews

Theatre at the Poly, Leeds

Willesden Library Centre, London

The Theatre Consortium, Milton Keynes

Thirsk Town Hall, Thirsk

Funding Sources

Bradford city council, Bradford Festival, Bradford University, Bradford Community Arts Centre, Edinburgh City Council, Dundee Council


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Dispossessed saw a continued exploration of improvisation as a means of finding content. In this production, musicians were fully integrated into the rehearsal process, musical improvisation feeding the actors improvisation as well as Mike Gosling and Tim Moon writing songs. The production became a shared journey for actors and musicians. Continue reading “Dispossessed”

Toured: 1989

Tour Locations

Theatre in The Mill, Bradford

Dewsbury college Theatre, Dewsbury

Loco Theatre, Nottingham

The Harwich Arts Workshop, Dovercourt

St Andrews Art Centre, St Andrews

Funding Sources

Bradford community Arts, Theatre in the Mill,  Bradford University


Graham Crocket, Julia Sanders, Philip Knight, Tina Taylor, William Ward, Mike Gosling (Musician), Tim Moon (Musician), Dave Pitt (Musician), Philip Knight (Director)

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The third production was an experiment to try to bring Third Theatre’s unique physical style and rehearsal process to a production of Shakespeare, after a review had  mentioned our ‘curious lack of interest in words’ in our highly energetic physical productions. Continue reading “Macbeth”

Toured: 1990

Tour Locations

Theatre in the Mill, Bradford | 11th – 13th October

Gulbenkian Studio Theatre, Hull | 17th-18th October

Priory Street Centre, York | 20th October

North Ridings College, Scarborough | 31st October

Willesden green Library Centre, London | 7th November

West End Centre, Aldershot | 8th November

The Arts Centre, St Austell | 10th November

The Harwich Arts Workshop | 12th November

The Wheelwright Centre, Dewsbury | 13th November

The Woughton Centre, Milton Keynes | 22nd November

The Arts Workshop, Worcester | 24th November

The Prema Arts Centre, Dursley | 30th November

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Just War

A one-off performance at Theatre in the Mill

Just War was created in two weeks as a response to the Gulf war. The material was taken from news reports and information from Bradford University’s Peace Studies department. Third Theatre were between productions, the show was unfunded, but the company wanted to express their feelings and try to understand the truth of what was happening. Continue reading “Just War”

Toured: 1990

Tour Locations

Theatre in the Mill, Bradford

Funding Sources

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From the research for ‘Just War’ there was a realisation that bombing of non-combatant populations had become a deliberate strategy of war. It was decided to create a more developed piece about the bombing of civilian populations. Continue reading “Guernica”

Toured: 1991/1992

Tour Locations

Theatre in the Mill Bradford, Bradford Festival

North Riding College, Scarborough

The Drama Centre, Leigh

Working Men’s Institute, Otley

Holgate Theatre, Nottingham

Derby Hall Metro Arts, Bury

The Arts Centre, Rotherham

Nene College, Northampton

Jacksons Lane Community Centre, North London

The Harwich Arts Workshop, Dovercourt

St Marys Arts Centre, Colchester

The Lawrence Hall, Lincoln Festival

The Spilsby Theatre, Skegness

Hanley Castle High School, Upton on Severn

Nunnery wood High School, Worcester

The Arts Workshop, Worcester

Prema Arts Centre, Dursley

Melling Tythe Barn, Liverpool

The Arts Centre, Aberystwyth

The Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast

Riverside Studios, Coleraine

The Impact Festival, Derry

Funding Sources

Bradford Festival, Yorkshire Arts, West Midland Arts


Graham Alexander, Jenny Brent, John Britten, Jenny Smithe-Lyte, Tom Tunstall Philip Knight (Director), Tina Taylor (Assistant Director) Tim Moon (Musician), Albert Hunt (Research consultant)

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Whistling In The Dark

This was a direct development from ‘Same Old Story’. Using discoveries from that project we attempted to create a modern myth. A superhero story that combined themes we had found in the stories that endured. Continue reading “Whistling In The Dark”

Toured: 1992/1993

Tour Locations

The Playhouse, Derry | 4th-5th February

Flowerfields Art Centre, Portstewart | 6th February

North Riding College, Scarborough | 10th February

Nene College, Northampton | 11th February

The Harwich Arts Workshop, Harwich | 12th February

The Colchester Arts, Centre | 13th February

The Acorn Theatre, Penzance | 16th February

St Austell Arts Centre | 17th February

Falmouth Arts Centre, Falmouth | 18th February

Dewsbury College, Dewsbury | 22nd February

Huddersfield University, Huddersfield | 23rd February

Leeds University, Leeds | 24th February

Holgate Theatre, Netherfield |25th-26th February

Rotherham Arts Centre,Rotherham | 12th March

Solihull College, Solihull | 18th-19th March

Zap club | 7th-8th May

Theatre in the Mill, Bradford | November 21st-23rd 1992

Old Museum Belfast | 27th-30th January 1993

Funding Sources


Graham Alexander, John Britten, James Poulter, Jenny Smith-Lyte, Tom Tunstal Director - Philip Knight

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Phil Knight

Artistic Director Third Theatre Ltd. 1987-1997

Before setting up Third Theatre, Phil Knight graduated with a first class degree in Expressive Arts and Dance from Brighton University, after which he toured the alternative cabaret circuit with Open Secret (‘manic politically barbed repartee’ – The Guardian) and performed in and choreographed pop videos.

Since Third Theatre, he has lectured in movement for actors, directing, devising, and physical theatre at Rose Bruford college, Royal Holloway college, Salford university, and the University of Central Lancashire. Further directing includes theatre productions at Hoxton Hall Theatre, Hackney, a mystery play for Shoreditch Festival, community theatre productions for Knaresbourgh Theatre, and BRIL Luxembourg.

Phil has also lead workshops in devising and Third Theatre’s method of creating theatre in schools and colleges across the country and has directed drama projects for Insight Arts Trust working with ex-offenders for the Children’s Parliament, Scotland, and for Creative Art Works, Edinburgh.

In 2015 he wrote and toured ‘Prometheus’, reworking the myth to explore mental health.

At present he teaches yoga and is designing ‘The Happiness Machine Project’ as a tool for facilitating expression, creativity, and engagement.

Tina Taylor

Tina Taylor Theatre – theatre director, teacher, and writer

Tina Taylor was a core company member of Third Theatre, performing regularly with the company during the years it was based in Bradford. Before working with Third Theatre, Tina studied Dramatic Arts and Dance at Bretton Hall College, Leeds University, and performed with the LEAP Project in London, touring to prisons and youth custody centres throughout the UK. For the past twenty years, Tina has been directing and teaching theatre in the San Francisco Bay area, including work with California Shakespeare Theatre, Marin Theatre Company, Intersection for the Arts, EchoTheatreSuitcase, and Ross Valley Players. Additionally, Tina has created original, group devised productions and facilitated community engagement workshops with domestic abuse survivors, housing project residents, military veterans, youth groups, and with Amnesty International.

Since 2015, Tina has been the artistic director of Theatre Lunatico, Berkeley, California, a company whose primary focus is on creating gender parity, and on placing women’s stories at the centre of the narrative.

Tina has adapted her seasoned understanding of ensemble approaches to theatre making to develop a dynamic methodology of teaching and directing Shakespeare. Tina has directed over 80 Shakespeare productions with school, youth, community, and professional companies. She teaches Shakespearean text within the framework of ensemble, physical theatre.

During the pandemic, Tina moved back to the UK, and, whilst traveling regularly to California to teach and direct, she is now rebuilding her freelance career back in her home country. In 2019, she wrote her first full length play, Convoy 31000, and is currently working on several new theatre scripts. She is based in rural Suffolk.