Whistling In The Dark

This was a direct development from ‘Same Old Story’. Using discoveries from that project we attempted to create a modern myth. A superhero story that combined themes we had found in the stories that endured.

It was also, as stated on the publicity, an exploration into a possible future where A.I. is a reality, and we tell the story of it becoming conscious.

As with all Third Theatre productions, the story was told with only the actors in an empty space, they provided the landscapes of a dystopian future, an array of characters, and even the technology itself.

It was an exploration into where the new market-lead ideology of Margaret Thatcher harnessed to what in 1992 was very new technology might take us.

Toured: 1992/1993

Tour Locations

The Playhouse, Derry | 4th-5th February

Flowerfields Art Centre, Portstewart | 6th February

North Riding College, Scarborough | 10th February

Nene College, Northampton | 11th February

The Harwich Arts Workshop, Harwich | 12th February

The Colchester Arts, Centre | 13th February

The Acorn Theatre, Penzance | 16th February

St Austell Arts Centre | 17th February

Falmouth Arts Centre, Falmouth | 18th February

Dewsbury College, Dewsbury | 22nd February

Huddersfield University, Huddersfield | 23rd February

Leeds University, Leeds | 24th February

Holgate Theatre, Netherfield |25th-26th February

Rotherham Arts Centre,Rotherham | 12th March

Solihull College, Solihull | 18th-19th March

Zap club | 7th-8th May

Theatre in the Mill, Bradford | November 21st-23rd 1992

Old Museum Belfast | 27th-30th January 1993

Funding Sources


Graham Alexander, John Britten, James Poulter, Jenny Smith-Lyte, Tom Tunstal Director - Philip Knight

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