From the research for ‘Just War’ there was a realisation that bombing of non-combatant populations had become a deliberate strategy of war. It was decided to create a more developed piece about the bombing of civilian populations. Guernica was created through improvisation from transcripts of oral history, diaries, military records, and newspaper reports.

It told the true story of what happened when Franco’s fascists, with the aid of the German Condor Legion, bombed the ancient Spanish town of Guernica. Third Theatre attempted to present not just a recreated history, but a discussion about the impact of the violent clash of ideologies on ordinary everyday lives.

This production had no set or props each actor wearing the same generic costume of loose white shirt black leggings and putties. Having done the research, the actors all played actual people, created from their own words and contemporary writings.

Toured: 1991/1992

Tour Locations

Theatre in the Mill Bradford, Bradford Festival

North Riding College, Scarborough

The Drama Centre, Leigh

Working Men’s Institute, Otley

Holgate Theatre, Nottingham

Derby Hall Metro Arts, Bury

The Arts Centre, Rotherham

Nene College, Northampton

Jacksons Lane Community Centre, North London

The Harwich Arts Workshop, Dovercourt

St Marys Arts Centre, Colchester

The Lawrence Hall, Lincoln Festival

The Spilsby Theatre, Skegness

Hanley Castle High School, Upton on Severn

Nunnery wood High School, Worcester

The Arts Workshop, Worcester

Prema Arts Centre, Dursley

Melling Tythe Barn, Liverpool

The Arts Centre, Aberystwyth

The Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast

Riverside Studios, Coleraine

The Impact Festival, Derry

Funding Sources

Bradford Festival, Yorkshire Arts, West Midland Arts


Graham Alexander, Jenny Brent, John Britten, Jenny Smithe-Lyte, Tom Tunstall Philip Knight (Director), Tina Taylor (Assistant Director) Tim Moon (Musician), Albert Hunt (Research consultant)

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